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"The irony of the protestors carrying the "No Draft, No Way" signs a few weeks ago was not lost on me. "

It might surprise you to know that the left is not some monolithic block. Just like the right, there are differing views on things.


"The draft" are the scariest two words a male college-age man can hear. When the 1991 conflict in Iraq kicked off, I awaited the call. I almost knew, against logic, it was coming.

Vietnam and Korea are fresh in anyone's memory that happens to be over 30 (mostly through their parents personal stories). Unfortunately for Dems, this doesn't have the same effect on an 18 year-old that can't believe we, the modern US, would ever seriously be under any legitimate threat from a foreign offensive.

An 18 year-old man may well be impacted by a threat of draft, but it's simply not as scary as it would be to me at that age. Vietnam ended when I was five. My dad had a number. It was all I saw on TV for years. This may play well with the people that react to Michael Moore saying GWB might institute Marshall Law to avoid elections, but those guys are already on board with Kerry. It's a stunt, and it's depirite. Not lying, mind you. That's Carvell's contribution to modern politics. It's never going away. But, the paranoid whacko "black helicopters" conspiracy rhetoric is only brought out when they know they don't stand a chance. Consider this a gasp before the bitter end for this compaign.

Blind Pig

Actus: Sure. But you don't see the right acting like a monolithic block in the streets of New York City.

My larger point was that the "no draft" messaged seemed to go from the streets of New York, to the mainstream media, to the Kerry campaign in the space of about 3 weeks.

Also, it is silly proposition since it has been the Democrats screaming for a draft and not the Republicans.


"Actus: Sure. But you don't see the right acting like a monolithic block in the streets of New York City."

Neither the left. Some were on bikes. Some went out for sunday strolls. Some disrupted Young Republican events and got kicked while held down. Some got arrested outside of Broadway shows, some made their own shows. Some parts of the left weren't there -- the DLC wasn't there, the NAACP wasn't there, some unions were, but mostly it was kids from out of town and a lot of plain old new yorkers. I can imagine that this middle-class part of the left is where anti-draft feelings come from.

You did see Repunblicans in a block inside the convention center. I'm sure in there there were libertarians and christians, Neo-cons and paleo-cons, all under one big happy tent chanting 4 more years.

There's no exceptionalism here. When there's two parties, one left, one right, you're going to have both of them fit a lot of things under them.

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