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You keep referring to leftists as communists. I must assume you know nothing of the political cycle. I'll let you research it yourself...you might learn something.
It is interesting to see the masses pour out into the streets to protest this administration yet, no significant protests happened during the DNC. That should be a bearing on any sensible person's mind.
I am republican and I am voting Kerry....he has a real plan and is honest, something the appointed regime cannot say.

B. Durbin

"Watch the video, the sign clearly (deliberately) hit that protester"

It's apparently not so clear, since I've been over that moment multiple times on my computer and don't even really see much movement on the sign. At least before the scuffle starts.

John Doe

Protest Warriors just try to incite peaceful protestors, then whine about how the "leftists" are so stupid. You're not respecting them, and some of the group of thousands didn't respect you. You have every right to voice your opinion, but not to claim moral superiority because a few people behaved badly.

Unika Sensi

good evening, I came upon this website by accident, but after reading over it, I remembered seeing about four or five "protest warroriorz" at the most recent inauguration. On that day i remember police Provaceteurs in the crowd. Undercover police who were provoking violence at a peace protest in order to downplay, dilute, and spin the message thousands were there to say(several police were caught on videotape.) Men, Women, Children who travelled hundreds of miles to stand with thier legs, speak with thier mouths and say no to arms exports, to say no to nuclear proliferation, and most importantly to say no to wars.

P.S. to whoever was writing at the top of the page. I noticed you conveniently tucked the word chaotic in with anarchy. The meaning of anarchy is not chaos, it is no government. The english language is designed by the ruling class, history is written by the victors of wars. The word "order" means the government, the king, the queen, and the faithful kill squad. it is not by accident that "order" also means "everything is okay." Look up the words "Black", "White" in the dictionary. you'll see why i have grudges against this system that was founded on racism and built by the enslaved.


Anarchist here.

It's kinda funny how you guys go to anti war protests with the specific intent of disrupting and embarrasing leftists and then not expect some kind of reprisal. NOt to mention, these protestors in the video were mostly non anarchists and it was the guy with the sign that hit him first, which incited the violence. So you guys can stop patting yourselves on the back now for being non violent.


It is match.


Interesting game about the submarine! Very long and with the not bad drawing.

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Eventually, after we went about 3 blocks, the whole procession came to a standstill. As the crowd around got more unruly, the NYPD apparently had enough. They pushed us our onto a side street, and we were out of the protest.

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There is no good reason for umps to get paid if they cannot call balls and strikes as defined in the rule book. It is not hard to monitor their performance.

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So are we accepting one 12 year old shell as the WMD's now? What happened to the other 49 tons, 1999 pounds?

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Oh, it was a "small amount" of sarin. Only enough to kill 60,000 people or so, so what's the big deal?

It's funny. My local paper did a large survey/interview with several people, getting their opinion on different topics. The results were published today. One of the people they quoted said that "We have not found any WMD at all in Iraq."

It's sad that so many people use thier local newspapers as the only source of information.

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I thank thee that I am none of the wheels of power but I am one with the living creatures that are crushed by it.

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